Very inspiring work: PAUSE – by usTwo

For years, Cheng struggled with overwhelming stress and anxiety, to the point where it was affecting his work. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, quite literally, he began practicing ancient Tai Chi and mindfulness to change his destructive patterns. With a background in interaction design, he subsequently saw the opportunity of combining these techniques with modern technology. Using the slow, continuous movements of Tai Chi to anchor attention onto our phone and away from our negative thoughts – making our portable devices a tool for relaxation.

Teaching himself to program for iOS, he came back to us with a simple prototype – using a black screen and audio feedback – and we were immediately excited to use our digital product capabilities and turn it into a great digital product. Partnering with Cheng and PauseAble, we wanted to create an engaging user experience for his research and a product that could actually help people to relax and reduce stress.

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