The Evolution of a UI Designer into a Product Designer

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What is a “product”? Until recently, the term was only used in relation to something material (telephone, TV, refrigerator), but progress can’t be stopped, this term can now relate to plans from wireless providers, different types of banking services to services and applications in IT. We will now discuss the latest type of products.

What are UI and UX Design? They are two different directions, taken by two different people – UI Designer and UX Designer. So who are they and what exactly do they do?

UX Designer

This person is responsible for the product working correctly. In order to solve their tasks, a UX Designer always needs to examine them from different angles, to take all shortcomings into consideration and find the best solution and to ensure that the service or application works logically. A UX Designer resorts to various kinds of testing and watches what users do, their behavior and habits.

UI designer

They are responsible for how we see the product in its final version. They draw every screen/page, visualizing the path that was laid out by the UX Designer. A UI Designer will find the best way to highlight any element that exists to grab the user’s attention. It is very important to create a visually simple and intuitive product.

They are responsible for the different style solutions which are used in the product. Usually all these solutions are collected in a huge document (guideline), which explains how to use colors and fonts etc.

During my work in the field of UI Design, I have formed the following opinion:

While a UX Designer may not be competent in different styles and visual solutions, a UI Designer must understand how the product works, and why users are taken certain decisions.

In other words,

UI Designers have to know the skills of UX Designers.

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