Mosquito Mania

Gamedesign voor iphone. Dit spel is in de Lite-versie gratis beschikbaar in de app-store. Het doel van het spel is zo snel mogelijk een vast aantal muggen dood te meppem. Er is extra veel aandacht besteed aan de gameplay, om het spel ondanks zijn korte speelduur zo verslavend mogelijk te maken. (casual gaming) Ondanks dat de gebruiker maximaal wordt “geirriteerd” zal een hoge score alleen maar mogelijk zijn door kalm en heel accuraat de muggen te raken.

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You are a swashbuckling archaeologist, with very bad 1950s taste in fashion, on a quest to discover remains of an ancient, legendary civilization. After getting lost in the jungle you are attacked by a massive horde of blood-thirsty mosquitos. You will need lightning quick reflexes, nerves of steel and your amazing good looks to survive.

You need to kill all 20 mosquitos as quickly as possible and also avoid getting bitten too much to survive and win. The mosquitos are cunning and will sense if you try and hit them and fly off screen, making them harder to hit and making it easier for them to bite and kill you.

The developers put years of experience in swatting mosquitos to use and this is reflected in the fantastic arcade gameplay. Mosquito Mania accurately simulates the flight path of the insects and has realistic sampled sound of flying mosquitos in stereo (so players who want an extra edge can use headphones to help figure out where those pesky mosquitos are coming from next). Swatting the mosquitos generates a realistic splat and a satisfying squelching sound. Missing a mosquito produces kung-fu arcade sound effects.

Watch out for upgrades that include global high-score table, a new survival mode to test how long you can survive against an endless horde of mosquitos and also downloadable skins, so you can change your playing environment.


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